gateway to the eastern Shore of Virginia

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is located on the Chesapeake Bay's lower Eastern Shore Welcome to the historic Eastern Shore of Virginia and Tangier Island; the communities of Chincoteague, Onancock, Cape Charles and more from the Chesapeake Bay Sampler.......

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(Directions to the Eastern Shore of Virginia)

     From delightful Eastern Shore of Virginia restaurants and Eastern Shore bed and breakfasts to historic Kerr Place (location of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society) to theatre art and drama at the North Street Playhouse to performances by the Eastern Shore Madrigal Singers, we invite you to visit the Eastern Shore of Virginia for a delightful and enjoying trip where memories abound as time goes on. There is an abuandance of Eastern Shore wildlife and Eastern Shore antiques. Come to the Eastern Shore of Virginia for a wonderful and leisure visit or vacation:  meet Willie Crockett, (wifllife artist), plan on some Chesapeake Bay sailing and Chesapeake Bay fishing. There is much to do on Chincoteague Island including the annual Pony Penning in July of each year; see the famous Chincoteague ponies and enjoy the beauty of the national seashore.

     A great trip and lots to do and see for all ages.  The Eastern Shore of Virginia is truly a unique place to visit, a great place to vacation, and a wonderful place to live.

   CHesapeake Bay Sampler

Tangier Island

Eastern Shore of Virginia Antiques
Deadrise Enterprises

Eastern Shore of Virginia Authors
"Mickey", the Hemingway of Dog Writers
Anne Nock, author of  "Child of the Bay"

Eastern Shore of Virginia Bed and Breakfasts
76 Market Street Bed and Breakfast
Colonial Manor Inn Bed and Breakfasts
Harborton House Bed and Breakfast
Island Manor House Bed and Breakfasts
Wynne Tref Bed and Breakfast

Eastern Shore of Virginia History & Museums
Kerr Place
Eastern Shore of Virginia Genealogy
Tangier Island

Eastern Shore of Virginia Real Estate
Apartment Rental
Coldwell Bankers
Crockett Realty
Lewin & Carr Inc. Realtors
Eastern Shore Home Inspections

Eastern Shore of Virginia Restaurants
Armando's Restaurant
Danielle's Restaurant
Flounder's Restaurant
Market Street Inn
Sam's Place

Eastern Shore of Virginia Shopping
Blue Crab Bay Co ---  (Food Specialty)
Blue Earth Films ---  Bird Watching Films
Copper Creations ---  Copper Water Fountains & more
Lytle World ---  Children's Clothing
Vintage Stock (Candles)

Eastern Shore of Virginia Theatre and Drama
Eastern Shore Madrigals
The North Street Playhouse

Eastern Shore of Virginia
Wildlife Artists and Nature Photographers
Art for Sale by Artists
Willie Crockett
Elwye Ess

Eastern Shore of  Virginia Woodworking
The Carpenters' Shop
Chesapeake Bay Region
Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay Fishing
Chesapeake Bay Sailing
Chesapeake Bay Weather
Tangier Island

Chesapeake Bay Gateways & Water Trails Inititiative

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Gateway to the Eastern Shore of Virginia
Eastern Shore of Virginia Communities,
Chambers of Commerce,  and Tourism Commisson

Eastern Shore of Virginia Tourism Commission

Onancock Guide

Cape Chares/Northampton County Chamber of Commerce

Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce

Eastern Shore of Virginia Chamber of Commerce

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