Armando and Kim
"How did Armando & Kim end up here?"

Born and raised in Argentina by his Eastern European mother and Spanish father, Armando began his career at the age of eight.  By then he was baking bread, smoking (on the side) and setting many of the standards that he still maintains today.

His interests were as diverse as the culture that surrounded him.  Fascinated by architecture and design, he dabbled in everything from hair styling (with a specialty in "teasing") to jewelry and leather design.  His passion for collecting old things, from tools and toasters to victrolas and kitchen gadgets is nearly as eclectic, as is the range in his appreciation for music.

Searching for European horizons in 1970, he ventured to New York and found himself, years later, still in the States.  Until the Spring of 1988, he was best known throughout the artists' community as a highly showcased leather craftsman, appearing in the most prestigious festivals.  In April of that year, he purchased the building for the Restaurant and, by October, he was in business, serving gourmet pizzas and croissant sandwiches.  Then, the most asked question was:  "What is that?"

Much has changed since then but his love for certain "unsuspecting" pearls will most likely never fade.  He still bakes his own bread (but does not smoke), tends his herbs for the kitchen and flowers for the tables, rides his bike and loves anything Chet Baker ever did.  "He still thinks that settling in Onancock is one of the best things he ever did and (I suspect), the felling is mutual," according to Kim.

As for Kim, her story is to come, but one thing for sure..................

She is delightfully gracious and a pleasure to be around;  everyone looks forward to seeing, both, Armando and Kim when they arrive for dinner.  Her awareness of their guests needs are always prevelent and her personality is always pleasing and pleasant. They are a unique couple and fantastic hosts.  Their friendliness is just one of the reasons everyone loves to return to Armando's.

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