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Armando's in Onancock on the Eastern Shore of Virginia is now open at its new location in Onancock just across from its previous location. The charm and unique atmosphere welcomes both Chesapeake Bay Boaters and Land-loves alike.  
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A Chesapeake Bay Epicurean Delight on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Onancock Virginia. Visit Onancock and Armando's....... A delightful array of seafood, steaks, Italian foods & more for boaters and land-lovers alike.  From Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs to surf & turf, find it here on the Eastern Shore in Onancock Virginia at Armando's

Since Onancock Wharf is visited all year by sailors and yachters, the boating community loves to visit for an enjoyable land-loving evening. Vacationers always look forward to "spreading the word"  "Visit Onancock". It is not uncommon for first timers to say, "Our friends recommended that we visit Onancock".

In Onancock there are a variety of delightful Eastern Shore of Virginia Restaurants, Armando's is among them. .

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