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The Chesapeake Bay is encompassed by the state of
Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula
From Washington, DC to US Route 50 East to Salisbury, Maryland. From Salisbury, Maryland; drive south approximately one half hour on US Route 13.  You have reached the Maryland, Virginia State Line and the northern most point of the Eastern Shore of Virginia (Right: Bill Nelson Map)

The Delmarva Peninsula consists of the states of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia: some call this area Delmarva, others the Delmarva Peninsula.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia consists of Accomack & Northampton Counties, Virginia.

The Chesapeake Bay separates the Eastern Shore of Virginia from mainland Virginia.
Even though the Eastern Shore of Virginia is part of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
it is not connected by land to its mainland.

Traveling from the south on Interstate 95; exit Emporia, Virginia US Route 58 east to Interstate 64 to US Route 13, Virginia Beach, Virginia. From Virginia Beach, Virginia; drive north on US Route 13 across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. You have reached the southern most portion of the Eastern Shore of Virginia

If you plan to travel to Tangier Island, which is located in the Chesapeake Bay 12 miles northwest from mainland, Onancock (Onancock is a one hour north of Virginia Beach, Virginia) you need to make plans to arrive early.  The Tangier-Onancock Cruises leaves Onancock Wharf (see map) daily at 10:00 AM and returns around 3:30 PM.  It is a one-day trip where you step back in time. As you leave Onancock Wharf, you'll enjoy the beauty of the historic homes that line Onancock Creek and upon arriving in the Chesapeake Bay, there is a feeling of a true adventure. (Chesapeake Bay-Net Map)

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The above maps give you an idea of travels in the Mid-Atlantic, Eastern Shore of Virginia, and the United States East Coast.  It is only  6 1/2 to 7 1/2s when traveling I-95 from the Eastern Shore of Virginia on the US Mid-Atlantic Coast to Coastal South Carolina.  One day you will be cruising or sailing the Chesapeake Bay taking a day trip to Tangier Island from Onancock Virginia or visiting historic Kerr Place headquarters of the Eastern Shore of Virginia or maybe visiting Chincoteague Island, the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge or the National Seashore or even the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge at Cape Charles Virginia  , the next you can be enjoying South Carolina Beaches and South Carolina historic Charleston and the Lowcountry and Santee Cooper regions of South Carolina, whether you are talking historic tours in Charleston South Carolina or cruising out of Georgetown South Carolina for a tour of historic plantations along the Waccamaw River, the Black River, and the Great Pee Dee River which all pour into Winyah Bay in the 3rd oldest town in South Carolina, that being Georgetown South Carolina. Your South Carolina Travels can take you days gone by, to South Carolina's history of its rice culture.  There is Carolina Plantation Rice now being grown in South Carolina on the Great Pee Dee River, the Rice Museum is located in Georgetown South Carolina with many plantations homes still standing on the banks of the Low Country overlooking the rice fields which once grew the famous Carolina Gold Rice.......


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Bed and Breakfasts for Sale on the Eastern Shore of Virginia and from the mountains of North Carolina to South Carolina Coastal Bed and Breakfasts for Sale many historic bed and breakfasts.  South Carolina Waterfront Real Estate for Sale consists of waterfront property for sale as follows: there is Lake Marion Real Estate, Lake Moultrie Real Estate as well as South Carolina Low Country Gated Communities and historic Charleston Real Estate, Coastal Carolina Condos, South Carolina Colonial and Historic Homes for Sale and more....

On Virginia's Eastern Shore there are Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Homes for Sale, Chesapeake Bay Marinas for Sale, and a variety of unique Eastern Shore of Virginia Commercial Real Estate including Eastern Shore Gift Shops for Sale, Eastern Shore of Virginia Restaurants for Sale, Eastern Shore of Virginia Bed and Breakfast for Sale and Eastern Shore of Virginia waterfront Real Estate both on the Chesapeake Bay and Seaside.

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