Just a few of the menu items!
"Examples of  an Elegant Menu"

"Veal Picatta"
An artistic expression of pure genius:  scallops of veal gently sauteed with garlic and those incredible shiitake mushrooms in a velvet sauce of  lemon, butter and citrus zest.  What makes it so ingenious?  The elegant simplicity of it all.....


"Chicken So-Phyu"
Armando's most imaginative creation:  medallions of tender chicken breast sauteed with artichokes, peppers and fresh sprigs of aromatic rosemary in olive oil and garlic with splashes of soy sauce and sesame oil for an incredible fusion....


"Marguerita Shrimp"
If you think the spelling is a tad different, just imagine how unusual the dish itself must be:  Jumbo gulf shrimp sauteed in garlic, butter, tequila and sours over a beautiful bed of lingwine
(Just Testing!)....


Primo Pasta

"Lobster Ravoli"
It's surpriseing enough that one can enjoy a bit of lobster outside the State of Maine even moreso, that someone actually thought to wrap a ravioli around it!  Not surprising is the accompanying sauce that Armando has concocted:  Sage, butter and tomato-cream.

Filet Mignon, Nonplus
Armando leaves everyone at a loss for words with this one:
Eight ounces of tender filet mignon sauteed with
Portabella mushrooms and "smoked" tomatoes........
We, need, say no more!

From the Chesapeake Bay's Eastern and Western Shores (Annapolis, Reedsville, Deltaville) visitors to Onancock
enjoy the elegance of Armando's historic home-town atmosphere where pleasantries include hospitality at its best........

Meet Armando and Kim


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Note:  Menu subject to change.....

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