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Debi Tesiero
A Wochester County Arts Council
Board Member

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Artist - Custom Artwork
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From Feathers, Toys, to Furniture

Meet the Owner Diana Sykes

If it can painted, Debi has done it!
Delicate painted Feathers
Wood Furniture
Canvass and Murals

"It is hard to believe that someone could take something as delicate as a feather and paint designs as shown above", states Diana Sykes, owner of the Carpenter's Shop.
Chesapeake Bay
Eastern Shore of Virginia
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Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore Artist
Debi Tesiero
"Debi's love and dedication for painting began in her youth. "She has a unique awareness of her surroundings. She draws strength from her photographic memory when she begins a project", according to the Carpenter's Shop owner, Diana Sykes.

About Debi Tesiero

Debi sees herself as dedicated to her principals.....
She has a love for life and the natural beauty of this earth.  "Much of this is portrayed in my paintings", states Debi, "yet, the child in me enjoys painting the toys and whimsical items at the Carpenter's Shop".

"I have the better of two worlds; still enjoying my youth as I am now being lead into new adventures as my future becomes my past.  My love for painting will always guide my future".     Debi Tesiero

Dedicated and Professional Artists
Whimsical Painter

Debi is well know throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.  Her paintings are varied in degree as they reflect her personality.

According to Diana Sykes, " Her paintings are so realistic; it is hard sometimes to determine whether they are real or not".

Again, Diana states, " I am so fortunate to have such a qualified professional as Debi Tesiero as part of the Carpenter's Shop team".
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