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Let us know your interests Chesapeake Bay Eastern Shore of Virginia, lodging, accommodations, biking, kayaking, cruises, fishing, Eastern Shore of Virginia vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, events, history, historic homes, Eastern Shore of Virginia Real Estate and more. Be specific. If you are planning a visit or vacation to the Virginia Eastern Shore, include the dates. You can also contact the Eastern Shore of Virginia Chamber of Commerce from here.
Towns of Interest; Onancock, Chincoteague, Wachapreague, Wilis Wharf, Exmore, Cape Charles, Oyster, Birds Nest, Eastville, Parksley, Assawoman, Captain's Cove: locations, Cheapeake Bayside, Eastern Shore Seaside. 

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Chesapeake Bay Real Estate and Eastern Shore of Virginia Real Estate

The Chesapeake Bay Sampler offers Chesapeake Bay and Eastern Shore of Virginia Real Estate Information; also,
Chesapeake Bay Lodging, Accommodations, Cruises, Outdoor Adventures, Bed and Breakfasts, Restaurants, and more.

Tangier Island
An Island 12 miles from mainland Virginia in the Chesapeake Bay, there is Tangier Island Virginia,
truly a great Chesapeake Bay Adventure, "A Chesapeake Bay Island".
When visiting Tangier, you visit "Days Gone By"

Eastern Shore of Virginia

Eastern Southern Vacation Alliance
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