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    Here you can check all Eastern Shore of Virginia Restaurant Inspections by the Virginia Department of Health just by following these simple instructions.  All Accomack and Northampton Restaurant Inspections are found by Clicking Here.

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Epicurean Delight
A diversified group of restaurants who serve boaters and land-lovers, alike, to a delightful
array of dishes with Chesapeake Bay crab meat, flounder from the Atlantic Ocean, and other fresh seafood's. 

There is also Italian, vegetarian, and home style cooking at its best.

 On the lighter side you enjoy home made pizzas, fresh breads, subs, and more.
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Onancock Guide

                              Onancock Town
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Onancock Restaurants

The Inn and Garden Cafe 
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 ABC Licensed


Stellas on the Shore
until then visit us at:  www.ESVA.com/Stellas 
Two Locations - Onancock and Willis Wharf
 ABC Licensed

The Blarney Stone Pub & Restaurant 

ABC Licensed


Mallards LLC
Three Locations
Mallards on Onancock Creek
Mallards Restaurant - Bayside Road - Onancock
Mallards Sidewalk Cafe - Accomac

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All Onancock Restaurants

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Armando's is now Closed.


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